Cooperative Opt-in

As a Brand (manufacturer) I don't have the ability to sell my products directly to the consumer. I must sell my products to a retailer, then it can be sold to the consumer.

How can I show ownership and create a connection between my brand and a retailer?


Role: Sr. Product Designer
Company: Weedmaps

Individual contributor W/ team support
Timeline: 2 month

Weedmaps is the largest cannabis aggregator in the world with tech backing for web and mobile applications. With the goal to connect consumer to the best products and stores.


What should be the Outcome?

Providing a path for a brand to create a deal pointed at the consumer.

Once a branded deal is created, they can share it with retailers that carry their products. The retailer will have the option to accept or deny the deal.

If a retailer accepts a branded deal, a consumer can view this deal on a brands page, retailers page, or Ad's page within or mobile application. The consumer will go to a specified retailer to redeem that deal.


Ordering through a brand

Asking participant if displaying orderability through a brand is valuable to consumers.

The outcome showed participants were in favor of transactability.

Most helpful to a user

We wanted to learn what information was most important to consumers at a high-level.


It's about the user's journey

Defining the scope by starting with the needs of a deal to a user. Once those needs where understood, I presented to the brand in a simple step by step path. Once the deal is created they can observe the full list of deals and edit/observe where needed.


Iterative Wireframing

After defining the structure, I turned to design explorations. By using the existing design system I utilized many components to achieve our scope.


High Fidelity: Deal Creation

After several rounds of workshoping and research we determined a step-by-step approach would be the best user-centered solution. Each step of this process will allow a brand to enter the information around a deal.


High Fidelity: Retailer Opt-in

Retailers will have a very simple table along with two primary actions.

If they reject the deal we ask them for some context around the decision to provide insight for a brand.

Consumer Visibility

Now a consumer can see a branded deal in the artwork and "Offer by" sections.


Status and thoughts

By adding the feature to our Weedmaps Business suites we help provide a closer connection between brands and consumers.


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All works has been designed my Chase O'Grady