An ecommerce website that allows consumers to purchase their favorite Foundmi characters and support for past purchases.


Role: Sr. UI/UX Designer
Company: Bioworld Merchandise

Individual contributor
Timeline: 2 Years

Bioworld is the leading global manufacturer of licensed apparel, accessories, and home goods. Bioworld partners with the world’s most iconic creators and brands to bring pop culture to life, all to create deeperconnections between fans and the things they love.


What should be the Outcome?

Creating a store with all the entire collection of Foundmi devices that allows any consumer to view and purchase these devices. In addition allowing for support and help with the interaction of these digital and phone paired devices.


High Fidelity

The e-commerce platform for IoT trackers offers a convenient and efficient way to purchase and manage these innovative devices. With a wide range of options available, customers can easily find the perfect tracker to suit their specific needs. The platform provides detailed product descriptions, specifications, and customer reviews, helping users make informed decisions. Additionally, the website offers a seamless purchasing process, allowing customers to order their desired trackers with just a few clicks. Once purchased, the platform offers easy tracking and monitoring of the devices, providing real-time location updates and other useful data. The e-commerce platform for IoT trackers ensures a hassle-free experience for customers looking to integrate these cutting-edge devices into their daily lives.

Status and thoughts

The site was launched in Q3 2016 and was very successful at the time. The company stoped sell Foundmi's at in 2019 and no longer uses this website.


P. 405.414.6892


All works has been designed my Chase O'Grady