Undergoing a process of rebranding, with a specific focus on enhancing UI patterns and visual elements.

Working towards refreshing their brand image and improving the overall user interface design and visual appeal of their products.

The rebranding process involves analyzing and redesigning various elements such as color schemes, typography, icons, and layouts to ensure a cohesive and modern look and feel.

Langston Properties


Role: Product Designer
Year: 2020

Individual contributor
Timeline: 1 month

Livingston Properties is a full-service real estate brokerage specializing in the acquisition, management and disposition of real estate assets. Our team of accountants, maintenance engineers, real estate advisors and property managers are dedicated to their role in ensuring the property’s highest value and performance are realized. Using innovative, tested and proprietary processes, Livingston Properties remains consistent and efficient for our clients


What is the objective?

Create a clean and fresh approach to the client's digital services. Making user of their brand identity and assets.

Focal points

Easy Wayfinding | UI patterns | Modern and clean | use of whitespace


Wireframing and exploration

After unpacking the interviews with the client we had a focus on what the structure of this project and began to translate into design.


Design patterns and elements

One main component on the homepage was to highlight featured properties in a digestible path with some built-in filtration points.

Bucketed path to property discovery

By adding a property search above the fold with important parameters allows the a user to drive directly into their needs.

Rapid Prototyping

High Fidelity Homepage

Breaking down this page, by starting with a hero to grab the user attention to pull them into the website. Utilizing soft edges across the design system for a modern and clean approach.

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All works has been designed my Chase O'Grady