Never Alone

Creating an end-to-end product that seamlessly manages cases and offers telecommunication capabilities is an ambitious endeavor.


Role: Sr. Product Designer
Company: Digital Scientist

Individual contributor W/ team support
Timeline: 1 month

Easterseals is your trusted partner, providing vital services and on-the-ground support to over 1.5 million individuals every year.

Never Alone: Our groundbreaking program leverages technology to pave the way for independence. We empower patients with iPads and web services, connecting them to Care Partners who guide them on their journey to regain their autonomy.


What should be the Outcome?

We prioritized patient-centered care, aiming to address the unique challenges and opportunities that each case presents.

To achieve this, we begin with a comprehensive approach that involves moderated interviews with our care partners. These interviews serve as a crucial step in understanding the pains and gains associated with managing each case.


User- Friendly

Our intuitive interface is designed for everyone, ensuring a seamless experience for Care Partners and patients alike.

Security First

Your data's security is our priority. We employ robust measures to protect your information and maintain strict compliance with healthcare regulations.

Accessible Anywhere

Whether at home or on the go, our platform is accessible from any device with an internet connection, making healthcare more convenient.


It's about the user's journey

After gaining valuable insights from our moderated interviews with care partners and stakeholders, we recognized the need for a comprehensive and user-centric approach to care management. To address this, we embarked on a journey of designing and developing a Care Management Health (CMH) platform that would revolutionize the way we deliver care.

Understanding the Core Flow

We began by mapping out user journeys that comprehensively captured the core flow of the care management process. This involved identifying key touchpoints, pain points, and opportunities for improvement.

Incorporating Insights

The insights gleaned from our interviews played a pivotal role in shaping these user journeys. We ensured that every step of the journey was informed by the real-world experiences and challenges faced by care partners and patients.

Seamless Experience

Our goal was to create a seamless and intuitive user experience. We focused on simplifying complex processes, reducing administrative burdens, and enhancing communication between all stakeholders.


Site Architecture

After gaining valuable insights from our discovery process, including interviews and user journey mapping, we turned our attention to creating a robust site structure and information architecture for the Care Management Health (CMH) platform. This step was essential in translating our user-centric approach into a functional and intuitive digital experience.


Iterative Wireframing

We embarked on the process of wireframing. This phase was pivotal in turning our insights into tangible design concepts that would drive the development of the Care Management Health (CMH) platform.


High Fidelity: Call Portal

Creating high-fidelity mocks for a feature like this requires attention to detail and a clear understanding of user interactions. Here's a breakdown of the key functionalities and notes you can include for each task in your high-fidelity mock:

  • Write behavioral and general notes while active with the caller, additionally viewing past notes

  • View upcoming and past events along with notes associated to each event

  • Create an event by listing participants availability for three time slots and three days

  • If needed, Follow-up meetings will be scheduled 24hrs after event is scheduled


High Fidelity: Post Call & Continued Work

  • After every call, a Care Partner will view/refine the collected information during the call

  • During the post call, each Care Partner will be asked three questions to answer or they can check the “Nothing happened” box

  • After the post call, if work is still needed on the case the Care Partner views that open case in the queue with the ability to add time or close the case.

Status and thoughts

Throughout the development of our product, we have embraced an iterative design philosophy, guided by testing and insights from various sources, including user feedback and data collection. This approach has allowed us to chart a present and clear path toward delivering the best possible solution to our users.

This project is currently seeking state funding.


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