Creating an online marketplace where other hospitals could discover and purchase a diverse array of pediatric medical equipment, supplies, and services.

Developing the marketplace and creating a framework where sellers could build their own shops within the marketplace.


Role: Director of User Experience
Company: Guidance Solutions

Individual contributor W/ team support
Timeline: 6+ months

PedsMrkt was established as a subsidiary of Children’s Mercy Kansas City (CMKC) as the Center for Pediatric Innovation was looking for a more efficient way to get their portfolio of solutions to the market.

Our mission: Advancing pediatric innovation through a collaborative marketplace platform to engage buyers, sellers, and partners in scaling and disseminating pediatric innovations.


What should be the Outcome?

Creating a hub of stores to connect hospitals with unique pediatric medical equipment and services is a significant initiative that addresses crucial healthcare needs.


Learning the needs

Defining user types and needs for both storefront owners and consumers is a crucial initial step in the design process, as it sets the foundation for creating a user-centered platform.


Product Variants

One of the compelling challenges we encountered on this project was the vast diversity of product types that storefronts could offer within our platform. Each product type came with its own unique attributes, user expectations, and consumer journeys. This complexity required us to devise a flexible and user-centric approach to ensure that our platform effectively accommodated the diverse range of offerings and catered to consumers with varying preferences.

Add to cart and checkout

  • Redirect to storefront's site

  • Redirect to app marketplace

  • directly download from PDP

  • Contact storefront for details


Product Display Page Structure

Conducting a workshop with the client to identify gaps in the hierarchy of each product display page demonstrates your proactive and collaborative approach to design problem-solving.


Iterative Wireframing

Once we understood all the full complexity of this project we started the next method of wireframing. In this method we focused on:


  • Creating a community

  • Knowledge and understanding

  • Page Hierarchy

  • Transactional funnel

High Fidelity

We built an ecommerce solution from the ground up, allowing Children's Mercy Hospital to open an innovative marketplace and make groundbreaking children's healthcare solutions more widely available

to other hospitals and providers.

PedsMarket opens a new dimension in CMH's vision to "create a world of wellbeing for children."


Status and thoughts

Undertaking the development of this website posed formidable challenges. However, through a dedicated process of discovery, exhaustive research, and insightful analysis, we emerged with a resoundingly positive solution. The platform we created not only met the complex needs of the business but also elevated the user experience to a unique and exceptional level.

This site was launched to the public in July and is currently working on post MVP enhancements.


P. 405.414.6892


All works has been designed my Chase O'Grady