Foundmi Tracker

Create a streamlined path to track important items in a user's life by adding connectivity. Increasing salability by adding a collectible component and encouraging superfandom with licensing partnerships.

Allowing for a user-centric process and function.


Role: Sr. UI/UX Designer
Company: Bioworld Merchandise

Individual contributor W/ team support
Timeline: 2 Years

Bioworld is the leading global manufacturer of licensed apparel, accessories, and home goods. Bioworld partners with the world’s most iconic creators and brands to bring pop culture to life, all to create deeper connections between fans and the things they love.


Features and navigation

This will allow a brand to select a set number of retailers they want to offer a consumer first.

Allowing a brand to grow or continue a relationship with a retailer also letting vertical(manufacturing + retail) brands to offer their locations first to consumers.

It will also help consumers to have visibility that they can transact on a brand's page.


Features and Navigation

The mobile application will offer two types of global navigational points. If you have a connected device you will see specific features per device. But if you have NO connected devices you still have the ability to navigate through the application.

Global Features
Connected Device Features












Drop detection

Card removal


Device Scenarios

Most Users will own a single device for tracking important items.

Many will use the trigger functions to take a selfie

Some will have multiple devices attached to their personal items they want to track


Connectivity Model

Device Features

Listen for your device

Take a selfie

Get directions

BLE Tracker

Device Features

Listen for your device

Drop alert

Get directions

BLE Wallet

Get the Collection

The app can accommodate multiple devices. User simply swipes the card to display the next device. If the user wants to add a new device just swipe to the end of their current list and tap the add button.



Connectivity Landscape

Using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), the users will have to be within 100ft or less to ring your Foudmi device.

When a user goes outside of 100ft the tag will pin the last know location.


Device's location will be automatically updated once a user is in range. Users will have access to view the signal strength.

Features Breakdown

Drop Detection

In addition to location the wallet, users will be notified if the wallet drops 3' or more.

Features Breakdown

Status and thoughts

Foundmi 1.0 was live along with 2 collections that were on the market before my arrival at the company. After my arrival we launched Foundmi 2.0 mobile application in March of 2017 for both iOS and Android along with three additional collections.

The wallet went on the market Q4 of 2017. Foundmi sold over a million devices throughout multiple countries.


P. 405.414.6892


All works has been designed my Chase O'Grady