Jamit displays venues from all over the United States and displays their information, events, and menu.

Once checked into a location you can open a tab at that venue and see if friends or others are in that location.


Role: Sr. Product Designer
Company: Digital Scientist

Individual contributor
Timeline: 1 month

A small start-up company hoping to make an impact into the food and entertainment industry.


What is the problem?

Having a social life can be a real pain and lead to frustration. Even further, finding friends to join you can make it harder.

Once you find a place you may want to meet new people, but anxiety can get in the way.

Finally, after you find something to do, opening a tab or buying drinks can add to the frustrating night.



We talked with serveal participants that voiced their concerns. We reviewed the data and surfaced the insights.


An all -in one solution

  • Search engine for venue discovery

  • Complex filtration: venues, new/saved, venues with friends

  • Coordinate with your friend groups what your plans.

  • Communication with friends

  • A way to meet new people while out.

  • Simplified way for payment services.


It's about the user's journey

With the insights discovered, we started journey mapping and creating a site architecture.

Site Architecture


Iterative Wireframing

  • Location listings

  • Search bar

  • Filtration

  • Venue details

  • Friends locations


High Fidelity First time users

After deciding our structure and layout we set forward to design a final comps to hand-off to the engineering team.

Landing Screen (Actions)
  • Select a venue and - review details

  • Map and listings views

  • Friends at a venue

  • Turn - by - turn navigation

Landing Screen (Actions)
  • Easily open a tab

  • See how is at the venue before arrival

  • Direct messaging in and outside of your network

Payment services (Actions)
  • Review tab

  • split tab with friends

  • Apple Pay integration

  • Checkout

Status and thoughts

Once in beta stage, we proformed several UAT tests with participants to refine the technology engine. This proof of concept is currently seeking round 1 investors.


P. 405.414.6892

E. chasepogrady@gmail.com

All works has been designed my Chase O'Grady