Provide a self-guided experience for users to navigate easily and accessible through this site. The goal being to reduce everyday frustrations of parents or persons interested in finding and purchasing children's items.

Showcase a clean and modern look with a gender neutral color pallet. All the while telling the users that Rufflebutts soft and gentle clothing match their consumer experience.


Role: Product Designer
Company: Rufflebutts

Individual contributor
Timeline: 1 month

A baby clothes retailer that is committed to providing quality products, personalized customer service, and a fabulous shopping experience. They are based in the US and believe in the golden rule.

Product List Page

Providing smooth and easy filters for users to access specific needs while browsing through the catalog.

The global navigation is condensed to show main functionality. Responsively, the mobile version truncates all filters to drop down except age.

Product Details Page

Using color and hierarchy to self-guide the user to make the specifics selections that need to be taken.

Secondary information like details, reviews, and shipping/returns are truncated to allow a user's focus on the primary actions.


Showcased at the bottom of the webpage, This campaign is meant to drive customer retention and to drive the user to a deeper engagement.

The Bow Club allows customers to feel rewarded through a simple monthly gift and a small discount to accessorize an outfit or single item. This will increase engagement at a cost effective solution.

Status and thoughts

Taking a complex web page and simplifying it to the average consumer will increase overall sales and drive the company into a net positive direction.


P. 405.414.6892


All works has been designed my Chase O'Grady