One of oil fracking’s biggest requirement is water. Truck drivers need to provide the water to a drilling location daily, which isn’t backed to technology logistics.

Can we provide a mobile app to driver with little to no technology experience that allows them to enter and track the amount of water being picked up and delivered to a location?


Role: Sr. Product Designer
Company: Bison Technologies

Individual contributor W/ team support
Timeline: 3 month

Bison Technologies is a rapidly growing software company targeting the >$100 billion industrial energy supply chain and transportation sectors. We are creating an entirely new category within one of the oldest, largest and lowest-tech industries on earth.


What should be the Outcome?

Providing a self-guided experience for commercial drivers to navigate easily and accessibly through the mobile app with reducing everyday frustrations.

Showcasing a simple and easy linear system of design with the user of color as guidance and simple indicators and pickers to assist the users.


High Fidelity: Ticket Creation

The landing screen for First-time users will be the main dashboard. Users have the ability to view settings, profile or ADD a service ticket.

Next, the users choose if they are reading a meter or gauging the tank. This will be applied globally to the service ticket.


High Fidelity: Seal On and Off

Users will have the ability to input the numerical values by simply sliding to the appropriate number. The arrows give further guidance to the users. The indicators at the bottom show the user what they have done and what they have left to do before submitting the ticket.


High Fidelity: Water Reading

First user will set the value for feet. Then they have the option to toggle to inches or press the button at the footer.

If the user has selected Tank Gauge they will just set one integer.


High Fidelity: Oil Reading

A similar design system for water reading will be used for measuring oil. Iconography will assist with the users awareness of the section while providing consistency in functionality.

If the user has selected Tank Gauge they will just set one integer.


Confirmation / Start & Finishing weight

Last step of the starting weight, users will see an overview of all the data they have entered. They have the ability to EDIT the information by tapping one of the cards or pressing the back button in the header. After users have verified all information they will press the button to submit the ticket.

After submitting the ticket users will return to the dashboard with the starting weight. Once they have arrived to the drop-off they can complete the ticket with the ending weight by pressing START.

Status and thoughts

This was a pitch to address major needs for the any water hauling company.


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All works has been designed my Chase O'Grady